Sovann Khat

With more than 8 years experiences in the Cambodian real estate market, Sovann has earned a strong trust among his business clients and industry peers. Sovann has in-depth industry and market knowledge, which allows hims to understand and predict market trends for demand, supply and investment opportunities.

His expertise covers residential, commercial, and industrial properties, whether for renting, buying or selling purposes. An expert assessor, Sovann’s valuations have proven time and again to be precise in reflecting true market value.

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Veha Veang

Mr. Veha, was educated as an Engineer at Institute of Technology of Cambodia and at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He started his career as real estate agent since 2014 and joined CamTop Property Team years later.

Through his learning experiences plus selling and marketing skills in this industry, He guarantees all his clients in providing good deals.

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Siroth Onn

Siroth started his real estate career in early 2016, about two years before joining CamTop Property Group. His strong commitment and honesty along the way has given him a better chance of success. He is really good at residential properties and always finding a win- win solution for his client.

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Huor Yang

A few months before graduating from his university study, Huor started his real estate career in 2015, a year before joining CamTop Property team. His commitment and hard work drives him to be one of the top agents in the commercial and exclusive market in Cambodia.

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Chuopsovanmakara Sok

Makara was a Site Engineer before joining CamTop Property group. His commitment and hard work drives him to be a good agent in the commercial market.

He is a results-driven man that always focuses on matching the needs of his customers.

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Pottra Srun

Pottra was an English teacher before joining CamTop Property team.  His self discipline, commitment plus the major of business communication at the university study will challenge him to the next level of the real estate industry in Cambodia.

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Panha Neang

Mr. Panha is a lawyer of the Bar Association of Kingdom of Cambodia since 2006. He is presently a Deputy Head of Operations at L.K.L Law Group,  a Law Lecture and also a lawyer for Angkor Capital Specialized Bank and Rural Development Bank. On top of that he also works as a head of legal department of CamTop Property Group .

He practices on secured transactions, corporate, banking and finance, labor and industrial relations, insolvency and restructuring, commercial litigation & ADR, and civil litigation at Courts.

Before working at L.K.L Law Group, he was a lawyer for Mitmeteavy Consulting Group, and Law & Investment Consulting Group (LIC). He involved on various issues including corporate secretary and registration, land transactions, and representing clients before Courts.

Mr. Panha receives Master of Law from Nagoya University, Japan and Certificate from the Center for Lawyer Training of Cambodia.


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Thal Un

Thal began his journey in 2009 as a real estate broker, Before Thal decided to join Camtop Property Group, he worked as a property researcher, a translator, an interpreter, and a negotiator. Through his experience, he has built a wide network with property owners and investors.

He was given the new name of “The Right Man” because he always finds the right property for his clients. His expertise is in residential properties covering family houses, serviced apartments, condominiums and property sales.

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Bol Khat

Bol started his career as a property assessor in 2011 with CamTop Property Group. His valuation experience covers all areas of properties, starting from land plots to hotels, along with equipment and machinery. His background in (university or previous job) has proven an invaluable asset in providing Bol with his unique perspective in property valuation.

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Phearum Thou

Phearum worked as a Civil Servant before joining CAMTOP Property Group. He is friendly, helpful and good at communication with all kinds of customers. His strong commitment will lead him become a top agent in the future.

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