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  • +855 81 456 007
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  • Property Valuation

    CAMTOP Property Group is where the real estate owners, investors and other institutions can find the real market value of their properties. Our valuation team excels in all kinds of property within different zones across the country.

    By applying new concepts, techniques, and skills with existing market knowledge, we guarantee to offer our clients with the most accurate, true-to-market value, well-organized and in-depth valuation report, on time and confident.

    Our expertise include:

    - Residential; Land, Apartment, Condo, House and Flat, Townhouse, Villa and Twin Villa

    - Commercial; Hotel, Resort and Guesthouse, Office, Retail, Mixed use Building

    - Industrial; Warehouse and Factories

    - Agricultural; Rubber, Pepper, Casava, And other crops

    - Specialized properties; Government institutions, School, Hospital, Church

    Our required documents/check list shall be available up on the request.

    For information or any advice, please contact:

    CAMTOP Valuation Cambodia

    E: valuation@camtopproperty.com

    T: +855 78 456 007 | +855 87 818 001